We were selling my mother’s home and Robin came recommended by a friend. Since neither my sister nor I live in the area any more, it was great to have someone who did and knew the market to help us with all the details. Having
Suzanne join us in the endeavor was even better –two professionals on our team!. Communications were great especially when we had issues with the buyers. Robin and Suzanne were our representatives throughout the process. They lead us over the “hurdles” and we finished successfully. Their willingness to explain all the details as we went through the process, and to be present at the property for inspections and repairs were wonderful. Their
diligent efforts extended to weekends and evenings. By the time the sale was consummated we were working together wonderfully. We really appreciate all their expertise and assistance. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Bruce M., Carpinteria, CA and Kathy M., Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Recent Clients